Sun2Solar 20’x40′ Rectangle Supreme Blue Solar Cover – 12 Mil


Sun2Solar are a British renewable energy firm coming from the West Midlands. They specialize in the installation and manufacture of items that are aimed at reducing the need to lean on traditional fuels through taking advantage of the natural power from the sun. Although Sun2Solar do not specialize in swimming pool accessories, their product portfolio takes advantage of other areas of life that benefit from power from the sun, such as swimming pool heating and insulation.

12 Mil-Sun2Solar 20'x40' Rectangle Supreme Blue Solar Cover

Through their customer service and satisfaction team, there is a constant port of call for all products, although the high standard of the manufacturing means you shouldn’t need this.

The Supreme Solar Cover is a large, simple to use accessory that takes advantage of the heat given from the sun to quickly warm up your pool even when the weather isn’t at its hottest. There are plenty of reasons to buy this piece of equipment and many of which I will look through below. As usual, we will take the best, fairest and unbiased view about the product we review so that you can make an informed decision on the best solar cover you could buy.


  • Helps improve the temperature of your pool by 10 degrees, but often more. Although the office line on the link above is that the pool’s temperature will increase between 5-10 degrees, in actual fact it all depends on where your pool is situation, and this guideline is more a conservative figure, with other users stating that their pool on warm days has been close to 80 degrees, up from 60+. This jump is huge and for the cost it’s a really excellent result. Something that would cost a lot more would you need to generate the heat from traditional electrical or gas sources directly from the home.
  • This product, like a few before it, helps reduce evaporation that comes from the water in the pool, meaning that the heat is retained for longer and the need to refill the pool less often than usual. This can only be a handy when taking into account that any new water added to the poor is more than likely to neutralize the temperature of the existing water and take a little longer to warm.
  • The warranty on this product is 6 years, with 2 years in full. This is a great warranty from an already reliable product. If you do happen to have an accident or the material arrives faulty, you’re able to send it back within the first two years and get a full replacement sent to your door. This means you can rest easy, especially if you have some younger children who may like to jump all over your outdoor equipment!


  • If I’m being honest there seems to be very few cons to this product, but one would be the size – if you only have a small pool. This is a large product meant for larger, outdoor pools and not the smaller, spa sized pools you can expect in some households. You would find this kit both too expensive and far too large for a small pool.
  • Unfortunately, due to the size and the need to pull the material across a large surface, this solar cover has been known to rip easily, which is not ideal, especially for the price. Yes, there may be a great warranty attached to the Sun2Solar product, but you don’t really want to be buying something half-knowing that it may very well let you down sooner rather than later. The warranty is for emergencies and accidents, not inevitabilities.
  • Even though you get a roller with this product to help with laying the cover across the pool, the quality of said roller isn’t great, bending a fair bit when pulled hard. You’re not at risk of it breaking as such, but the more pressure put on it, the more likely it could be to break.
Sun2Solar 20'x40' Rectangle Supreme Blue Solar Cover - 12 Mil
Sun2Solar Rectangle Supreme 20'x40' Blue Solar Cover - 12 Mil

Product Name: Sun2Solar 20'x40' Rectangle Supreme Blue Solar Cover - 12 Mil

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This is a pretty decent product, certainly a lot better than many of the other covers on the market. You’re buying from an experienced name in the solar market, so that’s certainly a good sign. The color and design of the item is nice, and the addition of the roller towards the end of the pool makes laying it out and retracting it super easy.

There are some worries around the toughness of the sheet here and in particular in relation to its size. If this was smaller, it could well survive some scrapes because it’s getting pulled around less. But as the sheet is so large and build for an outdoor pool, you may find it being ruined a touch easier than you may like.

If you’re looking for a practical solar cover that does what it says on the tin, then you have one here. Sun2Solar are a reputable company in solar energy so they would never put their name to a poor product, and whilst there are concerns, the temperature retention via the blanket is excellent, with the increase in degrees when your pool is under the sun directly a particularly strong point.

I would be happy with this product over my pool. As a way to heat up your swimming pool it is great, and it also has the addition of protecting it against any of the smaller bugs or leaves that usually find themselves in your pool. It’s a good product at a decent price, no more, no less.

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