In The Swim 12 Mil Pool Solar Cover 16 x 32 ft. Rectangle


In The Swim are a discount swimming accessory and Equipment Company out of the US. Branded as an ‘all under one roof’ style store, their online range is impressive, and it includes solar based pool-heating systems such as the one I want to take a look at today. The 16x32ft In The Swim solar cover is like most traditional solar covers in that it is blue in design (to match the water) and uses air bubble technology to capture the heat from the sun and keep the warmth within the pool area for long periods of time.

In The Swim 12 Mil Pool Solar Cover 16 x 32 ft. Rectangle

Whilst this is great at a discount price, one of the major plus AND minus points of the product is its size, depending again on what you’re looking for. It’s a really large product, so will fit some larger in ground pools, and the material is easy enough to cut through to personalize to your own needs if your swimming pool is smaller than the given size. Whether you want to do this is another matter, and that’s where the negative point comes in.

This would be great for a family or a commercial pool because of its size. The relative inexpensive aspect of the item will also appeal to business users, and if you’re working from a gym or leisure center, this would make perfect business sense. See below for some more insight.


PRODUCT DIMENSIONS38 x 18 x 18 inches
ITEM WEIGHT49 pounds
SHIPPING WEIGHT49 pounds (View shipping rates and policies)


  • The size of this sheet, as mentioned above, is a massive plus. No matter the size of your pool, you’re very likely to be able to buy this product and it will cover the length and breadth of your swimming pool. Any pool that is smaller than the measurements given here will be catered for, too, as you can simply cut this sheet down to the correct size easily.
  • Most of the feedback that we have found is that this is just a really easy piece of equipment to use and a bargain at the price. There’s not much too solar covers but a lot can be flimsy and easily rippled but this product would appear to be strong, firm and durable in almost all weather conditions. You can use this cover to keep any debris from entering your swimming pool and saving yourself time in the process.
  • The blanket comes in multiple colors so that you can tailor your choice to the color scheme around your garden/swimming area.
  • The air pockets within the sheet are designed to keep the heat in the pool as well as absorb additional heat from the power of the sun. A simple technology, this cuts down the money you would otherwise water on heating and reheating the pool multiple times a week. This way, spending a little money up front will only serve to save you money in the long-term by cutting down gas/electricity bills. As this technology also cuts the amount of evaporation that comes from your pool, you will also save plenty of money refilling the pool.


  • Although a solid product, it is essentially a plain sheet going across your swimming pool. It’s unglamorous, not too attractive and in some colors, a little bit of an eyesore. You’re getting the design you may well expect from a discounted online store, yet if this isn’t what you had in mind it could well be a good idea to take a look at another one of our reviews for a different supplier. If you’ve recently had your swimming area renovated or you have a modern, smart yard, you may think twice about using this cover on your pool area.
  • With other users who have used this much longer than us, there have been reported moments of severe deterioration of materials after only a couple of months use. This could explain the inexpensive nature of the product, being that maybe In The Swim have used lesser materials during manufacture. However I must stress that this isn’t nearly every customer who has experienced this type of poor material. A nice caveat to this is that there is indeed a 7 year warranty on these products, which will certainly help if you get a particularly bad patch of weather outside your house!
In The Swim 12 Mil Pool Solar Cover 16 x 32 ft. Rectangle
12 Mil Pool Solar Cover 16 x 32 ft. Rectangle

Product Name: In The Swim 12 Mil Pool Solar Cover 16 x 32 ft. Rectangle

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  • Overall Rating by Author - 8.5/10

Our Conclusion

I’m fairly impressed with this product. I know there are a couple of negative aspects to this solar cover but for what you’re going to be paying, you’re looking at quite a steal here. If you’re a family looking to cut costs but increase the usage of your pool, this would be a surefire way of doing this. If you’re also not so convinced by solar power within your swimming pool, this is a great gateway to trialing out some of the entry-level products within this market.

It’s a really big sheet which can be good or bad, but you’re likely to be able to fit this to your pool, especially if you’re willing to cut and resize it yourself, as this piece of material is made for.

These types of products are really so nifty, if your pool is in decent light a lot of the time - especially in summer - then your pool will heat up in no time, which is exactly what you want. If you can take the ‘no frills’ element of how it looks, it’s design is as good as anything else on the market. For a first time buyer this would be absolutely perfect.

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