Blue Wave Rectangular 12-Mil Solar Blanket For In Ground Pools


The Blue Wave brand specializes in quality pool accessories as well as the pools themselves, spas and other leisure items for around the family home. A quality lifestyle brand, Blue Wave stock a huge range of items, with high quality and reasonable pricing at the heart of their ethos. Blue Wave’s main product portfolio revolves around the outdoor swim market, and it is here that we’re providing you with a review of their rectangular solar blanket.

Blue Wave Rectangular 12-Mil Solar Blanket For In Ground Pools

A thin and transparent blue color, the product promises to heat your pool by an extra 15 degrees compared to waiting for the sun to naturally take its cause. Large and durable, this thin sheet is a fine product aimed at people who have a larger, more permanent pool on their premises. Because of the size, the likelihood of you having a portable pool this size if low, so this is very obviously aimed at a more affluent, sun-drenched market which is very much in keeping with the price-range of the piece.

As well as this product, the range of blankets that Blue Wave produce is large and there is a huge array of sizes available for your ground pool needs. Intended to complement sunlight, not compensate for it, add this sheet to the top of your pool and you will find the temperature increase quickly. There are also more benefits than meet the eye, and some of which I’m going to take you through today, as we aim to find you the best solar blanket for your outdoor pool.


PRODUCT DIMENSIONS57 x 17 x 15 inches
ITEM WEIGHT25 pounds
SHIPPING WEIGHT25 pounds (View shipping rates and policies)
DOMESTIC SHIPPINGItem can be shipped within U.S.
INTERNATIONAL SHIPPINGThis item is not eligible for international shipping. Learn More


  • The size of this sheet is a massive plus point. Whilst the product can come in a variety of sizes, they’re all suitable for outdoor ground pool use as their primary function. The size of the sheet doesn’t affect the weight, either, with the large mesh material feeling light and very easy to pull over your pool. It’s really easy to forget how much a sheet like this can become a pain if it’s heavier and plastic and more often than not would become a chore or even redundant if heavier.
  • This product will keep your pool up to 15 degrees warmer than heating without this cover. That’s a massive amount of heat and could actually double the temperature of your pool when the sun is out. The blanket takes the rays from the sun and allows the heat to pass through, but doesn’t let it leave the pool. Intended for when the sun is out, this sheet isn’t a self-heating blanket, but used to complement the sun’s heat.
  • The blanket is lined with small, thermal bubbles that help retain heat after a sunny day for longer. Although it will not increase the heat once the sun goes in, this blanket can keep the heat in for long periods, meaning you can enjoy your pool long into the night or on a day that turns cloudy unexpectedly.
  • 5 year warranty. This product has a great 5 year warranty, which will give you peace of mind when you first buy this blanket. If you damage the cover or the elements reduce its wear and tear, you can send this back to the manufacturer and receive a brand new product. Some companies don’t offer this service, so in the market this is well worth keeping in the back of your mind if you choose to look elsewhere.


  • The cover doesn’t add much heat to your pool during the winter months. This is one of the main problems with solar blankets in that they’re deemed a little helpless unless the sun is out in full force. Whilst they will still add more warmth than a bare pool, all it is being used for in the winter is too keep debris from the swimming pool.
  • This cover is very location-dependent. If your pool is situated away from the sun, or you’re unfortunate enough to have your pool area located in a shaded place, you’re really not maximizing this product’s strengths. To get the quoted 15 degree improvement, you need the sun to be over your swimming pool for large parts of the day.
  • There has been reported disintegration of the solar bubbles within the blanket quickly after buying. Although there is indeed for aforementioned warranty, this is still a pain to deal with and would include sending back the product and incurring an additional shipping cost on the new product. This really isn’t the type of issue you want when you’re looking to merely place it on your pool and go. This is a worrying possibility if it happens to you.
Blue Wave Rectangular 12-Mil Solar Blanket For In Ground Pools
Blue Wave Rectangular 12-Mil Solar Blanket For In Ground swimming Pools

Product Name: Blue Wave Rectangular 12-Mil Solar Blanket For In Ground Pools

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Our Conclusion

Despite some concerning ‘cons’, this product is made well and I would recommend it for your outdoor pool. The range of sizes provided is a major plus point, meaning you won’t need to tailor or adjust the size yourself, which can often be an additional issue you can’t be fussed with. The price is as would be expected and you’re sure to find this product easy to use. At 25 pounds in weight, this can be placed on the pool by almost anybody, so age or strength need not be an issue.

As for the con regarding the winter month’s heat, this is unfortunately a problem for a vast array or solar products, not just within this niche. The bonus you’re getting here is the lack of battery or electricity needed to power the product, and the chances are you are unlikely to be using it around the colder seasons of the year. Having said that, it provides a really handy protection from the harsher conditions during these times of the year.

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