Our family has either owned or been part of swimming pool business for the last 30 years. This has not only provided us with an excellent understanding of them but also with a huge passion for creating and selling the best swimming pools and accessories that we possibly can. As you will already know if you are reading this website, swimming pools and the necessary accessories are not cheap. This means that if you are investing in one you need to be 100% sure you are buying the best and getting the best value for money.

We feel there is a limited amount of information on the internet (and elsewhere) about swimming pools, swimming pool maintenance and swimming pool covers. For this reason we decided to create this website dedicated to grouping together the facts and information needed to make educated decisions when buying swimming pools and pool covers. We have started the site by specializing in solar pool covers as we feel these are truly the future of pool maintenance and heating. They can save you a lot of energy and this is not only great for your wallet but also the environment. After all, we all have to do what we can to protect the environment, if it is within our power.

Solar swimming pool covers are complex pieces of material and there are a wide variety of different brands and models that you can buy online. For this reason we have crafted the site with all the relevant information you need to make your buying decision. We have added comparison tables, videos, images and of course links through to the best available prices on Amazon. Our years of experience and knowledge has really helped my wife and I to focus on the most important factors and guide to as best we can towards the ideal product for you. I hope you enjoy the site and happy buying.