Which are the best solar pool covers, we hear you ask? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’re looking to serve you up the best range of the finest pool covers all in one place. The site is designed to help you to understand what to look for and avoid unwanted internet research by packing it into one, handy website covering all of your needs. When hunting out or choosing the highest quality solar swimming pool covers, this is the place to be. You will find a comprehensive buying guide, links to consumer reports and heaps of useful information that will help buying your ideal cover easier.

What we’re most excited about is doing the hard work so you really don’t have to. The market for swimming pool covers is vast. There’s no denying that you could be looking for hours and still be completely unsure what you want to get at the end. We know that your pool matters. Having a great cover that keeps your pool warm and protected from the outdoors is important, so you can have a swim whenever suits you, warm weather or cool.

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What you are going to find here are the best reviews of the top solar blankets on the market. We search far and wide taking into consideration quality as well as pricing to give you an all-round review. We understand that comparing every swimming pool cover is unrealistic for the consumer and it may be confusing as to what to look for, so allow us to guide you on how to pick the covers that you might want through comparison and unbiased ratings.

We’ve also provided you with some of the more important questions about the market that you might wonder but have never quite known. A lot of the things on here are for the beginner. We know not everyone can know everything, so we want to help show you how to choose a product that has reviewed great in 2023 and compared favorably against other products on the market. This is where our comparison guide will come in really handy.

Here, we compare the great points and the less fantastic qualities of many of the best solar pool covers. We’re completely impartial, too, so what you see on our page and what we write within our review has no basis for favoritism. We’re just focusing on good, old fashioned competition.

Comparison Table Solar Pool Covers

Product NameDimensionsWeightBrand/ManufacturerTemperature Increase (F)
BlueWave Rectangular 12-Mil Solar Blanket For In Ground Pools
BlueWave Rectangular 12-Mil Solar Blanket For In Ground Pools
Check Price
16x32 Feet
25 Lbs
Blue Heaven / Blue Wave
Up to 15 Degrees
IntexSolar Cover for 15ft Diameter Easy Set and Frame Pools
IntexSolar Cover for 15ft Diameter Easy Set and Frame Pools
Check Price
10 Feet up to 18 Feet Diamater
6 Lbs +
Intex Solar
Up to 20 Degrees
InTheSwim 12 Mil Pool Solar Cover 16x32ft
InTheSwim 12 Mil Pool Solar Cover   16x32ft
Check Price
16x32 Feet
49 Lbs
In The Swim
Up to 15 Degrees
SplashPools Round Solar Pool Cover
SplashPools Round Solar Pool Cover
Check Price
12 Feet up to 30 Feet Diamater
6 Lbs +
Splash Pools
Up to 15 Degrees
Sun2Solar 20x40 Rectangle Supreme Blue SolarCover-12Mil
Sun2Solar 20x40 Rectangle Supreme Blue SolarCover-12Mil
Check Price
20x40 Feet
35 Lbs +
Average 5-10 Degrees

All of the products we review and discuss are good products. But we know customers don’t merely want good. They want the best solar blanket covering their swimming pools and so do we. Our independence allows us to cut through the features of each product easier than supermarket of company-owned sellers.

Another great feature we’ve provided is our unique buyers guide. Within this part of the website, we have brought together some of the most important hints and tips for buyers, new and old. The aim of this section is to advise you on what to consider when heading into the market, what might be an advantage to you and what you may well need for your pool. Make yourself at home, take a look around because like your pool when you’ve made your decision; we’ve got you covered. Remember, whether you buy second hand or new, you should never just buy because the product is cheap. Do your due diligence and look for items that are sales-priced or have a promotion to get the best value for money. It really is worth it in the long run.

Down Under Black/Blue Solar Cover – 20×40 Rectangle In ground Pool – 120 Grade – Premium Solar Heater Blanket

Down Under Black/Blue Solar Cover - 20x40 Rectangle In ground Pool - 120 Grade - Premium Solar Heater Blanket


This solar cover, by brand Brands Down Under is a best seller in Australia and one of the most effective types of pool covers online today. Helping keep your pool at a great temperature (boasting of a rise between 10-20 degrees) will encourage you to take a swim during any season, this pool cover is a suitable for any pool, size permitting. Available in black, to keep in the sun’s heat and to avoid dry rot, there’s a multitude of reasons to buy this solar cover, one of the most popular products in this niche.

What’s great?

  • The first, most important feature of this cover is the temperature insulation. It is such an excellent cover that will certainly improve the heat of your pool. Favoring very nicely vs other covers within the market, the primary use of this blanket will not let you down.
  • The amazing 12 year warranty on this product is eye-watering. It’s great to see that when you buy a product, you have the insurance policy of such a great warranty. Hopefully you won’t need it, but if you do, it’s there.
  • The price of this product is really reasonable. Compared to its competitors, it’s around the right price for a product of its type, and it also includes the bonus of free shipping when you shop online. It’s a great little addition to the deal and will help stretch your budget.
  • This cover is easy to use and thick, but not heavy. If you’re carting the cover off, then on often in the summer months, you need something that won’t be tough to use and this product isn’t.

What’s Not So Great?

  • The size of the pool cover may mean you won’t get the size you’re looking for, which obviously isn’t ideal. If the cover is too small, then it begins to negate its usefulness, but if it’s too large it starts to protrude over the edge of the pool, and once this happens the area can become a trip hazard and not very safe.
  • The further away from Australia you are, the longer this product will take to arrive. If you’re in the UK or Canada, for example, the arrival time will obviously increase. If you’re in a hurry, this may not be the best option for you.
  • This product doesn’t have many consumer reports. Everyone who has owned this product has been happy, but the opinions on it don’t exactly come from a large pool of choices. The solar cover is probably great, but this is just something to keep an eye on.


This product is a solid product. My view is that it is one of the best value products on the market, considering how well it does when compared to other customers experiences using the Brands Down Under solar pool cover. Sure, like every product there are pros and cons, with the lead time on purchase and the lack of extensive reviews being a slight concern, but the temperature levels of your pool once the product has been used mean that as a main function, this product is great, something I’m sure you will agree on if you eventually go on to buy the item.

I would advise this to almost anyone. If your pool is a size smaller than this cover, there is the option to cut it back in size yourself by customizing it, but it’s understandable if that’s not something you want to do. I’m sure though, that if you go for this product it will probably be the best buy you make for your outdoor area in 2023.

Blue Wave 18-Feet Round 8-mil Solar Blanket for Above Ground Pools, Blue

Blue Wave 18-Feet Round 8-mil Solar Blanket for Above Ground Pools


The next product we’re going to review for you in the Blue Wave, 18ft solar blanket for above ground pools. Blue Wave, one of the leading manufacturers in swimming pool accessories within the leisure industry. With 10 years’ experience, they’re a low cost distributor and their product we’ve reviewed is one of the cheapest on the market. A good size and offering an excellent increase in temperature, this Blue Wave blanket is good value if you’re looking to get a reasonably inexpensive, quality product. Take a look below for some of the positive points, negative areas and reasons for buying this item.

What’s Great?

  • The brand Blue Wave are a really trustworthy, customer-centric company priding themselves on providing top quality, affordable pool accessories. I think it’s really important to know the company behind the item you’re piece of kit you’re buying. Their website boasts of their dependable customer service and knowledgeable staff, which bodes well for any aftercare enquiries you might have, as well as a central warehouse, so they know their products are always in stock.
  • The level of improvement in the temperature of your pool will increase markedly. Seeing your pool heat reach 15 degrees higher than without a cover, you’ll soon realize that this cover is well worth the money.
  • As this product is always in the sun – that’s why you’ve bought it! – It’s important for it to be UV protected, and that’s what it is. Such a feature will mean the excessive sunlight will not cause damage to your cover.
  • A product that is built to last. It has a durable quality which is also backed by a flawless 3 year warranty which you can use if there happens to be a defect away from the high standard you would expect.
  • Heat retention on cloudy, cool days. This is one of the biggest bonuses with solar covers – not only do you get an increased level of heat in your pool, this heat doesn’t escape when the sun goes down. Ideal for using the pool during autumn months.

What’s Not So Great?

  • You straight-up won’t find any use for this cover if you don’t have a circular pool. The size of the product is fine if you have a smaller sized pool, but if yours is rectangular then there’s no use for you here. Even with the different sizes that Blue Wave have, the shape may be an issue for some.
  • The 3 year warranty is a little less than what other brands offer on their products. With this reasoning, the deterioration of the material post-3 years will only result in you needing to buy another cover, which isn’t exactly ideal. Other products offer larger warranties, which should come into your thinking when making your purchase.
  • If you’re buying from a country other than America, the wait might be a little while before it arrives on your doorstep. This may be a great buy, but if you’re looking for something a little more prompt, you might be waiting longer than you would want.


I feel like this really is a good, well priced product that offers an OK warranty and no glaring design flaws. For this reason I probably would say buying this product is worth it. Taking into account how much the product costs, if you’re looking to buy online then this is a decent choice. Again though, geographically this may not work for you, as it is being shipped from the US.

I would advise this cover if you have a circular pool, especially considering the range does come with an array of different sizes. There aren’t really any major flaws in this product, which says it all really. If you’re looking to buy online, check out the Blue Wave website as they are a good brand with a decent level of experience in this industry. I would recommend trying this product out if you’re happy to wait a little while for delivery.

Splash Pools Oval Solar Cover, 24-Feet by 12-Feet

Splash Pools Oval Solar Cover


Splash Superpools are a company who have been going since the 1970’s, specializing in above ground and in ground pools and accessories and appliances. Their oval cover, which comes in a variety of sizes, is a neat blue color and a highly-rated product.

Some of the great features include great heating technology and retention and an evaporation blocker than means you need to top up your pool less often than usual. Operating within the commercial and residential markets, they have something for everyone, regardless of the size and type of pool.

What’s Great?

  • This cover has excellent heat retention. When you’re buying a solar product you know you’re going to need to suns help, but the way this cover retains its heat so well is through the bubble technology, whereby the heat is held in the tiny pockets underneath the cover, heating up the water to a temperature which is approx. 15 degrees higher than you would usually expect.
  • Keep your pool debris free. Floating on top of your pool, your new solar cover will prevent you from needing to fish out old leaves, bugs and other unwanted bits. The cover, inadvertently, will also save you money on chemicals because you won’t need to clean your pool as often as you would without a cover.
  • Increased evaporation protection. One of the really great features that comes with this cover is the lack of evaporation it allows the pool to release into the open air. With warm temperatures outside, as well as in the water, usual pools will lose a lot of their water. This cover, however, reduces evaporation by 95%. In turn, you’ll find yourself filling your pool up much less than usual, saving you time and money in the process.

What’s Not So Great?

  • This cover is a lot heavier than other covers within the niche. Whilst this might be good for smaller pools, if your pool is on the larger size, you may end up noticing a dip in the middle, meaning water will seek through the sides onto the blanket. Also if your area of the world sees a lot of rain water, this may also see your cover sink a little into the water, negating the heat retention slightly.
  • Some users have noted that after heavy use and strong sunlight, the cover has begun disintegrating after only one year. This is clearly an issue. Whilst these problems aren’t reported by many users, if you find yourself one of these unhappy customers, especially if your home sees harsh sunlight or heavy weather conditions, you might want to think about looking elsewhere, to a more durable, heavy-duty cover. Yet as I say, these complaints are few and far between.


I really like the company Splash Superpools. They’re really dedicated to giving the best level of product and a high level of customer service with every interaction. The product itself is good quality and highly reviewed by other customers, too.

The retention of heat is to the high industry standard that we get from other products in the niche and you will find the evaporation protection really useful, in both saving your time filling your pool up again, and the water used in doing this. I would be mildly concerned with the issues some customers have with the damage caused early on in the product’s life, and I would personally keep this in mind.

But at the same time, you don’t know the conditions the cover was kept in, and what care was taken by the owner in these situations. If you’re looking for a reasonably priced cover which does the job, then I would go for this. The customer reviews are generally outstanding.

Comprehensive Buyers Guide for Solar Pool Covers and standard pool covering purchases

Comprehensive Buyers Guide for Solar Pool Covers and standard pool cover
Along without comparisons and reviews, we’ve put together a handy buying guide, stating some of the key things you’re going to want to look out for when you’re buying your own solar pool cover. Although we’re really keen to help you buy your cover, we also want to help you identify what would be best for yourself, regardless of what your eventual purchase will look like. With than in mind, take a look below for our top tips to buying solar pool covers.

Infographic - Swimming Pool Covers

What does your pool cover do for you?

A solar pool cover will heat your pool quickly and keen any debris from the surrounding area out of your pool. Pool covers aren’t a new thing, but previously they’ve been used as a way to close of the pool to users and keep the pool tidy and professional looking. Since solar technology interest has increased across a number of markets, the older products are starting to become obsolete. You can really improve the life of your pool by warming it up and getting people to use it more often, even during chillier winter months.

What kind of pool cover should you buy?

A reasonable question, and one easily answered. You may take a look at various types of pool covers when determining which the best covers to go for are, but I personally would always choose solar. Firstly, they’re the only long-term inexpensive covers that heat your pool, for a start. The others will certainly protect from outdoor debris, but they won’t increase or retain heat at all. Solar covers are also offered at a discount rate considering you won’t need an additional pool heating system. Which is great news.

What is the best material for your pool cover to be crafted from?

Standard materials used within this niche are polyethylene, polypropylene, or vinyl. These are used because they’re often UV stabilized, so that they can withstand, absorb and contain heat without damage. These are the types of material I would say to look out for when making your purchase. Other materials may work, but these are by far the best.

What are the top rated pool cover brands?

There are a fair few companies worldwide who are using solar technology as a way to improve the way we live. Within the solar blanket niche, that is no different. Solar2Sun are a reputable green technology brand who operate within this market, as are Doheny pool supplies. You should find plenty of great ratings on these companies’ products, but the difference between one and the other may well be your own personal preference.

What dimensions is does your cover need to be?

When buying a good solar pool cover, it’s important to get the right sized cover. You’ll find this to be your best buy. When promoting their products, companies often like to emphasize the features that will be great for you in order to try and make a sale, but when deciding the best cover for you, size is the one variable that matters most. Too big, and it will prove a safety hazard, too small and you will end up losing heat and wasting time and money. Measure up and get the best size for your pool.

The most expensive isn’t always the best choice

Within most markets, price will always determine quality. And whilst it is true that you don’t want to spend too little, the technology used to keep the pool warm through sunlight is commonplace, and you’re likely to be able to choose the cheapest cover within limits. Identify the price bands and once you’ve got a decent average, size withstanding, you can choose a decent price. There may be discounts for larger sizes that need tailoring yourself, so if you’re willing to do the work, this could be worth exploring.

Pool covers can help to increase the temperature of your pool

The types of temperature you can be looking to gain from your own solar blanket can be massive. If you’re in an area that has a lot of sun then you’re obviously going to be able to make the most out of this product more than others, but the general bonuses from these type of blankets are great. In terms of numbers, you can be looking to get a solid 10-20 degree temperature increase from your pool if you choose one of the high-rated brands, whilst the difference between buying a new or used product only varies if you buy something damaged.

Where can you get the most competitive price for your pool cover?

You’ve got a really huge array of options when buying your pool cover. You can buy directly from your chosen manufacturers, where you may get a decent discount, or sometimes in supermarkets and superstores, where you might be able to gain further savings using coupons or loyalty points. A good place to start, however, is via online means such as Amazon or Ebay.

These are some of the most cost effective methods of purchase because suppliers here regularly offer free shipping, which is always handy. You also have a great choice of second hand sellers who offer really reasonable pricing, which makes searching for the best bargain worth your while.

Research before you make your final purchase

This point is a little self-serving, but believe us: do your research. Take a look around this site, read the reviews and make sure you decide upon the most suitable option for you. Color, size and material are the big decisions, but pricing and shipping information are also important. We’ve considered some of the top-range covers on the market and brought together all of the information you will need, it’s just up to you to take it in and make your decisions.

On this website, we’re aiming to help with a lot of the points above. You’ll find us a great resource when buying your cover and as you search for the best value. The above pointers are to help you navigate your way through the decision and to help you understand some of the points we’re making across the reviews. It should also help you take in and contextualize some of the specifications we talk about and whether they’re any good for you.

Difference between a Solar Covers and a Standard Covers

This section has been created to help give you, the viewer, and a great overview of the differences between two types of products in order to help educate yourselves on which style pool cover to buy. We know that we can tell you all of the facts and figures, but we also want you to be able to make up your own mind with as much information as you need. Take a look below for some main differences between solar pool covers and standard pool covers.

  • The biggest difference is one of the main differences. Solar pool covers take heat from the sun and use that to heat up your pool. Standard pool covers merely keep external debris from entering your pool. The purpose of a usual cover ends at that one purpose, whilst a solar cover is actually more rounded. For a starter for ten, the solar cover not only heats up your pool when touched by direct sunlight from the sun, but it also helps retain the heat long after the sun goes down. Customers have told of the heat retention lasting for days, allowing them to be able to use the pool at up to 20 degrees higher in heat, whilst knowing the cover will continue to allow them to use a pool that is warm for days after. The bonus in this is that even during days that are a little cooler, or at nighttime, you can still take a paddle without being frozen!
  • Another difference is the UV protection. Because the main feature of a solar cover is to heat the pool using sunlight, there needs to be some kind of protection against the rays doing any damage to the material in the long run. Unlike a standard pool cover, the solar covers come with UV protection as a standard, which keeps the damage that can be done to a minimum. Although this comes with some pool covers, it is by no means a normal addition, but these covers are often in the sun the same amount of time as solar covers therefore are less protected, less warm but just as exposed. Which of course isn’t ideal.

The main differences in this niche are indeed fairly obvious. But the addition of the UV protection actually make solar swimming pool covers a much better addition to your pool than a standard cover that you might usually buy.

Frequently asked questions about swimming pool coverings

What is the increase in temperature I can expect for my pool?

This is something that really varies. And as opposed to depending on the brand, it very much depends on where you live and where your pool is. You can buy an expensive cover, with your pool out of shot from the sun, but you’re not going to be making the most of the blanket, because remember; it’s solar powered. Similarly, you could buy a product on sale that would heat your pool brilliantly. With that in mind, with good positioning most covers are advertised to provide between 10-20 degree increases in pool temperature.

What is the most important factor to consider when buying a swimming pool cover?

Obviously, temperature is the reason you’re buying the pool cover but as said above, where your pool is situated in comparison to the sun is a major factor. Making sure the cover has UV protection to a good bonus, because the cover will be in the sun a lot.

Should I buy a brand new or a used swimming pool cover?

Buying a second hand solar cover is always going to be a bit risky. It really depends on how long the seller has had it and why they’re selling it. Sometimes, people buy things by mistake and there’s genuinely no defect or problem with the product. However, the longer someone has had it, the more worn it will be. You also need to be questioning why they’re selling it. I would suggest buying new when purchasing but if there’s no clear fault, buying second hand can be really reasonably priced.

Where should I look to buy my cover?

We have provided the links to the products we advise through Amazon, but there are always other places you can look. The price across other websites may be lower, whilst Ebay may have the best savings for these type of products. Similarly, buying at a physical store could provide great cost savings if you have coupons or have a great high street retailer you know of, with smaller businesses often offering the lowest price. Getting a great promo or sales priced purchase is a good idea; if you can find one.

Top 3 brands manufacturing swimming pool covers for the US market

Blue Wave

Blue Wave swimming pool covers
Blue Wave, the brand out of the US, were formed over 10 years ago initially as a pool chemical specialist, with one simple goal: to “provide consumers with the products they demand at a level of quality that exceeds their expectations.” They’ve done this by continuing to develop themselves in that market through various different product, with pool covers being one.

Blue Wave provide their products through specialized dealers and through their online web shop on Amazon. A great thing about the dealers is that they have a customer contact within Blue Wave throughout the whole buying process, something that helps maintain the excellent standard Blue Wave hold themselves to. They have a large range of solar products as well as their blankets, including heaters, lighting and more.

Blue Wave have a great reputation and are clearly a very professional company with good values. Dealing with them seems easy, straightforward and beneficial to both customer and company.

Dolphin Leisure

Dolphin Leisure pool cover
Dolphin Leisure are a leisure brand based in UK that have a vast range of solar products and a great level of knowledge towards the field of swimming accessories. A family run business, the company has 27 years’ experience within the general swimming pool market within the UK.

For customers in the UK, it would be a great idea to check out their website, as they have a vast array of products within the solar cover niche, from cheaper, smaller items to larger, more expensive goods with a higher quality and more features than a standard solar cover.

There’s no need to look to me to champion the company, all you need to do is take a look at their website to see how highly they are regarded by customers who have used the business in the past. No matter what budget you have for your purchase, their online web shop will cater for you.


Covers4Pools cover
Covers4Pools are another UK based brand, but unlike the two companies above, Covers4Pools specialize in just that; covers for pools. Self-professed experts within the field, they have a massive range of high-quality products which not only keep the heat of your pool high, but also reduce evaporation to a minimum by only allowing 2% to leave the pool.

A feature that means you will need to fill your pool up much less than usual. Although based within the UK, they also have great export links, shipping across to mainland Europe most weeks and the ability to ship to Asia, USA and UAE. They are by no means purely a Britain-centric business. Unlike a lot of other solar cover providers, Covers4Pools provide custom sized, covers to fit any sized pool, something which is ideal if you have an unusual sized pool or one in a non-standard shape.

Glossary Terms

Above Ground Automatic Pool Covers
Covers used for above the ground pools and are easily controlled using key or button. You turn the key/button on and it rolls over or off the pool.
Above Ground Pool Cover
Pool blankets that are mostly used for pools that built above the ground
Acid Demand
A test conducted using titration to help pool owners know the amount of acid needed to attain the right PH balance
Air-relief Valve
This is a brass or plastic valve found at the top of a filter tank. It is manually operated and serves the purpose of relieving pressure inside the filter
These are minute plant-like creatures which tend to invade pools and other water bodies. Just like plants, they have chlorophyl and use carbondioxide & sunlight to perform photosynthesis. They are grouped into thousands of different species.
Chemical products manufactured for purposes of destroying and controlling algae
Aluminum Piping For Pool Covers
Small aluminum tubes used in anchoring the pool cover on the ground.
Aluminum Pool Coping Covers
Coping materials that are aluminum coated or manufactured from aluminum
Anti Evaporation Pool Cover
Solar blanket which curbs or reduces heat and water evaporation from the pool.
Used to describe swimming pool or spa features that are designed to prevent the hair or limb from being caught up in the drain during suction
Anti-vortex Pool Drain Covers
A Pool drain cover designed in a dome shape, and has water intakes at the side and on top. This helps to reduce water pressure when draining the pool
Approved Pool Drain Covers
Pool drain covers which are considered safe for use in residential and commercial swimming pools, and spas. They are designed in a way that one cannot be entrapped on the cover.
Aqua Dome Pool Covers
A pool cover which encloses your pool in a house-like structure hence giving it that indoor appeal
Related to the cold areas such as the northpole.
Providing cover or protection from something
A brand of winter pool covers manufactured by yard guard products
Automatic Pool Cleaner
Pool cleaning system which gets rid of debris from the walls and floor of the pool through vacuuming
Automatic Spa Cover
A spa covering with an inbuilt mechanical system which enables you to operate the cover using a key or switch.
Automatic Underground Pool Covers
switch-controlled or key-controlled pool covers for inground pools and spas
Baby Dome Pool Covers
Pool enclosure structures found at babydome. They are available in all manner of sizes
Baby Pool Covers
Pool blankets used to cover baby swimming pools
This is a process where you realign/reorganize the soil after constructing a swimming pool
Making water in a pipe to flow in an opposite direction to its normal flow
Cleaning up the filter by making water flow backwards through the system
Balanced Water
This is when the chemical components of the water have been mixed accordingly
Chemical compounds used to balance the PH, alkalinity, and calcium hardness levels of a pool water
Ball Valve
A plumbing equipment with a hollowed out ball which is used to control water flow. The device is open when the ball's hole is in line with the flow and closed when the hole is povoted 90 degrees by the handle.
Base Demand
A titration method that is used to evaluate the appropriate base levels required in a swimming pool
Below Ground Pool Covers
Pool blankets that are best suited for inground swimming pools
Black-bottom Pool
A swimming pool built with dark gray or black material floor surface. These could be vinyl, tiles, aggregate, or fiberglass.
A pool cover used to prevent heat loss and entry of debris
A feature installed in the spa to produce fun bubbles which give users a hydrotherapy effect while in the water.
Blue Wave Pool Covers
Pool covers that are manufactured and distributes by blue wave products company
Booster Pump
A pump used for powering an automatic pool cleaner
Brass Anchors For Pool Covers
Small equipment used to hold the pool cover in place. They are made from brass and can be installed easily on the concrete around the pool
BreakPoint Chlorination
This is a point where, after shocking your pool, all the chlorine molecules are broken down and become oxidized.
Chemical compound containing bromide ions which are oxidized into hypobromous acid when placed in pool water. The acid acts as a disinfectant
A chemical substance used as a disinfectant (i.e. to kill bacteria and algae) in swimming pools and spas. You can purchase it in tablet form or as sodium bromide
British Thermal Unit. It is the amount of heat needed to raise 1 lb. of water at its maximum density through 1 degree fahrenheit
Bubble Blanket
Pool covers built with air bubles for traping heat and helping to warm the pool water. They are also called solar covers
Built In Pool Covers
A pool cover that is built when constructing the swimming pool. It is integrated with the entire thus making it easy to control
Bunnings Swimming Pool Covers
Pool blankets sold Bunnings warehouse
Cantar Pool Covers
Pool blankets manufactured by Cantar
Cantilevered Deck
A type of pool deck designed in such a way that it runs over the edge of the pool. It is always useful in concealing an automatic pool cover or the under-track system.
Centrifugal Pump
A pump which uses a rotating impeller to create pressure in the water. This pressure generates energy that is used to transport the water
Check Valve
a device found in pipes that is used to allow the flow of water or air in a single direction
Chemical Feeder
A device used to release chemicals into pool or hot tub water at a given time. The chemicals could be chlorine, bromine, or those use to adjust the PH level
Child Proof Pool Covers
Pool covers meant to prevent a child from falling into the pool water. They cover the entire pool and are strong enough to hold the weight of the child, plus a few rescuers.
A compound used in water for oxidation, sanitization and disinfection purposes. It kills bacteria & algae, and oxidizes ammonia & nitrogen compunds in swimming pools
Chlorine Neutralizer
A chemical substance used to minimize the bleaching effect of chlorine thus making it harmless to swimmers
Circular Pool Covers
Pool blankets that are round in shape and are used to cover circular pools
Clear Solar Covers
A transparent solar pool blanket. They are said to allow the maximum amount of sun's rays to penetrate deep into the pool water
Closed Cell Foam Pool Covers
Thick and strong pool blankets used for heat retention
Commercial Pool Covers
Pool blankets used in commercial or public swimming pools. They are usually large in size to fit on the big pools
A chemical which protects chlorine from the sun and stabilizes its release into the pool water. It is also referred to as Cyanuric Acid (CYA)
Gray PVC or flexible PVC pipes meant for carrying wires from a source to a load i.e. from a time clock to a pump motor
A pool construction feature used to cap the top edges of a pool or hot tub wall. Commonly used materials for this construction are precast concrete or brick.
A process where a pool or hot tub equipment is eaten away because of chemical imbalance in the water, or misusing acidic products
Cover For Intex Pool
Pool blankets for intex above ground swimming pools
Shielding your pool from heat loss through evaporation and preventing debris from getting into the water
A pool covers manufacturing company located iin New Jersey
Automatic swimming pool cover company found in Lindon, Utah
Diatomaceous Earth. This is a permeable material that is used in some pool materials
Diverter Valve
A device installed in plumbing equipment to redirect the water flow. For instance, those with a pool and spa can use the valve to direct water flow to the facility being used at that moment
Dome Pool Covers
Pool blankets with a dome shape. They cover the entire pool and some have enough room inside for people to move freely and swim
Double Loop Pool Covers
Pool blankets with two loops used to hold the cover in place over the swimming pool
Doughboy Pool Skimmer Covers
Skimmer protectors that are supplied by doughboy
A plumbing feature that enables you to get rid of excess debris which is not supposed to pass through the filter. It is installed at the deepest part of the pool or hot tub and could also be used when you want to reduce the water level of the pool.
Drain Safe Pool Covers
Drain covers designed in a way that helps prevent entrapment
Easy Pool Cover
A pool blanket that meets all your swimming pool cover needs
Ecodrain Pool Covers
Drain cover that enhances safe and eco-friendly way of draining the pool
Economy Pool Covers
Affordable pool blankets that are easy to maintain and help to reduce utility costs significantly
Water which has passed through the different pool systems and finally drains into the pool. From the pump, through the filter followed by the heating and treating equipment
Electri Pool Covers
An automated pool blanket which can be operated electronically
Elephant Pool Cover
Strong pool blankets which can withstand the weight of an adult elephant
Refined glass pieces in the form of a mat or rope, which when mixed with polyester resins, catalysts, and hardeners, ends up constructing a pool or spa
Fiber-optic Lighting
A lighting fixture that uses an illuminator to sends light through a plastic cable. It is used in pools to provide fancy lighting without the need for electric power sources near the water.
Field-cut Stone Pavers
A type of deck where stones are cut and fitted next to each other. It can be the most expensive deck to install, depending on the tolerances in the grout joints.
Figure 8 Swimming Pool Covers
Pool covers designed to fit figure 8 swimming pools
A device or material used to remove particles from water by passing water through a porous material
Filtration Rate
The rate at which water travels through a filter
First 4
A company that develops pool covers
Flow Rate
The amount of water passing through a particular area within a specified time.
Framed Pool Covers
Pool covers designed for above ground swimming pools with metal frames
Free Form Pool Covers
Pool covers developed for pools that don’t have regular shapes
Gas Valve
An electronic valve used in the pool heater to direct the gas flow from the meter to the burner tray and the pilot
Glass Pool Cover
A pool cover that is made from hard glass. It is used to cover pools so that they can be used as normal surfaces during functions.
Abbreviation that stands for Gallons Per Minute
An artificial picturesque cave that are added to pools to give that natural look.
A mixture of sand and cement sprayed dry onto the contours on the surfaces of a pool. Water is applied at the point of application. Plaster is added after the gunite.
An overflow trough built at the edge of a pool to allow oil, debris, and other substances that are lighter than water to flow. Pools that have gutters don't usually need skimmers.
Hand skimmer
A telescopic pole with a frame and screen attached that is used to eliminate leaves, bugs, and other large floating debris.
Hard Covers
A type of cover that rests on the coping or edge of a pool or spa. It prevents entry of debris, insects, and people to the pool while maintaining heat.
Heat exchanger
A series of metallic tubes with fins that are located inside the heater to transfer heat to the water source.
Heat Pump
A device that transfers heat from the air to the water that is cycling through it.
heated pool cover
A cover for a heated pool or a spa
Abbreviation for Hinsperger Poly Industries, which is a pool cover manufacturer
Hydraulic Automatic Pool Covers
A type of pool cover that automatically closes and opens at the press of a button
In Ground Pool Cover
Pool covers developed for pools that are built into the ground
Industural Dome Pool Covers
Pool covers that are raised in the middle
Infinity Swimming Pool Covers
Pool covers designed by Infinity, which is a pool cover manufacturer
A pool that is built into the ground
Insulated pool cover
Pool covers with the ability to resist heat loss from the pool
Invisible pool covers
These are liquid pool covers that look exactly like pool water hence cannot be distinguished from water
A device that is mounted on the return line and delivers charged metal ions to the water flowing through it.
Jandy Valve
A three way valve that is used in pool plumbing
Jet Pump
A device that is used in spas and pools to add thrust into the hydrotherapy jets
Kid Safe Pool Covers
Pool covers that are safe for kids to play on
Laminar Fountain
A special type of deck jet that has a fountain head and removes air from the water and emits a perfectly round rod water stream
Lap Pool
A long and narrow pool that is designed specifically for lap swimming
Lazy l Pool Covers
A pool cover manufacturer/brand
Leaf Net Cover For Pool
A pool cover that is designed to trap leaves during fall, leaving your pool clean
Vinyl liners usually installed inside a pre-constructed support structure and help in holding water inside the pool
Liquid Pool Covers
A liquid that is lighter than water a spreads itself evenly on the pool providing a cover that prevents excessive evaporation and heat loss
Load Bearing Swimming Pool Covers
A pool cover that is sturdy enough to for people to walk on or things to be placed upon without caving in
Lockable Pool Covers
This is used to refer to automatic pool covers that develop a barrier on the edges of the pool to prevent debris from entering
A pool cover manufacturer/brand
l-shaped Inground Pool Covers
Covers designed to fit L-shaped pools that are built into the ground
Manual Pool Cover
A cover that is trimmed in order to conform to the shape of the pool. Installing and removing it needs manual labor.
A pool cover manufacturer/brand
A name of an industry that manufactures swimming pool and spa products
Mesh Covers
Type of pool covers that are lighter than solid pool covers and allow precipitation, small organic material and sunlight to pass through.
Mesh Pool Tarps
Highly durable, flexible and waterproof materials that are made to be porous so that they can allow water to sip through.
A company that has been manufacturing pool covers since the 1950s.
A type of pool cover material made by Meyco company that is light in weight and therefore ideal for making large pool covers.
A device that creates a fine spray of water which creates a fog thus helping to cool down pools with uncomfortably high temparature.
Multi Dome Pool Covers
Types of pool covers that are telescopic in nature and they glide over rails. The domes are able to retract into a single bay as the user wants.
Multiport Valve
A type of valve with many ports that is used in the sand and diatomaceous earth pool filtering systems.
Natural Waterfall
Waterfalls that are made to look like real ones with rocks and water spilling down in small streams.
Net Pool Cover
A net that is set up above a pool or spa together with a vertical fence to maintain pool safety without obstuctuing the view of the water.
A chemical substance that is added to pool water to reduce or completely remove the chroline presence.
No Access Pool Covers
Pool covers that restrict pool access that is not planned for since they cover the pool surface completely.
Non Solar Pool Covers
This are typey of pool covers that do not absorb the rays of the sun and therefore do not heat up pool water.
Non-Chlorine Shock
This is a concentrated chemical formula that is pottasium based, it oxidises the organic components in the pool water and therefore helps to clear the pool water.
Nylon Pool Covers
This are pool covers that are made out of nylon material.
This is a chemical substance that is added to pool water; it reacts with organic matter in the pool and in the process helps to clear and pool water.
Paragon Swimming Pool Covers
These are pool covers that are made by Paragon pool services, a company that deals with supplying,installing and repairing different types of pool covers.
Perimeter Overflow
This is a type of pool design that includes elevated edges or a pool flush that allows water to spill or overflow on all edges into a catch basin underneath before it is recycled again.
This is a measure that tells how acidic or basic the pool water is
Pool Quilt Cover
This is a pool cover that is made up of multiple layers which are woven together using the quilting technique.
Pool Rollers
This is a tool that features a long bar and wheels that helps to roll up or take off swimming pool covers easily
Pool Roofs
This is an enclosure that can be used to house outdoor swimming pools
This is a resource center for swimming pool equipments and supplies, it also offers maintainance and repair services for swimming pools.
Pop Up Pool Cover
This is a pool cover that can be easily put up and off.
Portable Swimming Pool Covers
These are light weight pool covers that can be easily set up and removed from the pool.
Power Pool Cover
This is a form of an automatic pool cover.
Power Track Pool Covers
These are types of automatic swimming pool covers.
PPMThis is the ratio of pool water in relation to other chemicals in the pool which is one part of the chemical in question to a million parts of water .
This is a motor powered device that circulates pool water through the drain, filter and then back into the pool.
Pump Capacity
This is the amount of water that goes through a pump within a certain period of time and is measured in gallons per minute
Pump Curve
This is a measure that indicates how a pump performs when the performance is plotted on a graph under different water resistance levels.
Raised Spa
This is a spa that is set up or built above the surface of the pool.
This is a single beam of light.
This is a brand of solar pool covers
This refers to the process where the filtered water from the exit is circulated back to the pool through the entry point again.
Reel Pool Covers
These are pool covers that have a system of reels for removing and storing the covers instead of having to do it with plain hands.
Remco Round Reviewed
These are reviews based on many products that are posted by Remco company.
Replacement Pool Covers
This are pool covers that are usually bought to replace the old and worn out ones.
Retractable Pool Cover
This is a pool cover that can be esily rolled on or off in between the swimming season, most are automatic and respond to the touch of a button.
Rigid Pool Cover
These are swimming pool covers that feature a slat design and which maybe hollow or solid on the inside core.
This is the brand name of a company that sells swimming pool related care products.
Rollback Pool Covers
These are automatic pool covers that can be easily set up or removed with the help of swimming pool cover reels
Salt Water Pool Covers
These are pool covers that are designed to withstand or resist corrosion that is caused by salty pool water.
These are chemicals that are added into the pool water with the aim of killing living microorganisms and other organic matter.
Security Pool Cover
These are pool covers that are made to be stronger than usual and therefore can withstand an increased level of resistancve than normal. They are designed to keep off debris and dirt from the pool when it is not in use.
Sheet Waterfall
These are waterfalls where water falls down as one sheet without any breaks in between.
This is a plumbing device that is part of the suction system that helps in the crearing of any floating debris on the pool water surface.
Solar Blanket
This is a special pool cover that is designed to absorb and trap heat from the sun which helps to heat up pool water and prevent heat loss.
Solar Bubble
These are air pockets that usually go on the underside of solar covers and they help it to float on water.
Solar Cell Sunblanket
This is a pool cover that absorbs heat from the sun and transfers it to the pool water, it also prevents the heat from escaping
Solar Cover Rings
These are special inflatable rings that serve as alternatives to solar pool covers and are used to absorb the heat from the sun.
Solar Cover Straps
These are attachment strands that help to secure solar pool cover to reels.
Solar Covers
This is a pool cover that absorbs and traps radiation from the sun and transfers it to the water body beneath it thereby increasing its temparature.
Solar Pool Floats
These are similar to solar rings and help to absorb radiation from the sun therefore heating up pool water.
Solar Pool Pads
These are alternatives to solar blanckets and help to absorb and trap the sun's radiation.
Solar Reels
This is a tool that helps to take a solar blanket on or off the pool more easily.
Solar Tarp Cover
A UV reflective cover for your solar pool cover the protects the blanket from the sun's radiation.
Solid Pool Covers
An effective physical barrier that covers the pool making it childproof and sturdy enough to avoid caving in when people walk upon it
Solid Wooden Pool Covers
A solid pool cover made from wood
Sound Covers For Pool Pumps
A material that is laid around the pool pump to reduce the noise it produces
Spa Pool Covers
A type of pool cover that is specialized for spas
Spa Pool Lockable Covers
Pool covers that cover every part of the pool, making it inaccessible to by children
Spa Solar Cover
Solar blankets that are applied in spas to retain heat at night and on cloudy days. They are also transparent to allow sun's rays to heat up the pool.
Stone Pavers
Factory cut rectangular or square pieces of stone that are set in a motored place or in the sand. They are used when creating pavements, around the pool, or other landscaping purposes.
Strainer Basket
A basket like mesh structure that is applied after the skimmer basket to prevent smaller particles of debris to enter the pool
Straps For Swimming Pool Covers
Bands that are used to attach the swimming pool blanket cover on to the blanket roller or special attachment points on the edges of the pool.
Vinyl Pool Covers
A pool cover made from vinyl
Walkable Pool Cover
A heavy duty pool cover that can support human weight
A pool cover manufacturer/Brand
Water Clarifier
Cleaning liquid that helps the pool filter to block the tiny dirt particles that tend to make water cloudy
A small floating door over which water flows on its way to the skimmer. This device adjusts accordingly depending on the change in the water level to ensure there is continous flow to the skimmer. It also prevents debris from floating back into the pool whenever the pump shuts off.
Winter Covers
Barriers that prevent the pool from contamination from debris as well as entry of UV rays from the sun
A pool cover manufacturer/Brand